Night of Winners

BETTER THAN Hollywood – that’s what the stars called it, as A-listers flocked to Birmingham for the milestone 10th anniversary of the MViSAS – the Movie Video & Screen Awards on Saturday, Which took place on October 29. Maybe from now on television should take this ceremony more seriously as this ceremony is far better than those being broadcasted on television at present and Birmingham is certainly taking the shine off London when it comes to recognising the talents of black people in the film and TV industry.

It’s been a long time coming but the tide is beginning to turn as the MViSAs gain a national and international reputation, giving many overlooked black stars the red carpet treatment they deserve. As veteran actor Rudolph Walker, who is a patron of the event, said on opening the MViSA at the International Convention Centre:

“This event has steadily grown in recognising and honouring us – something that is often overlooked by the established organisations. We must be applauded for our positive contribution in making our society a better place for all. We all need to work collectively and individually to support organiser Dean Alexander and his wonderful team to build and elevate this awards ceremony so that it attains the levels comparable with ceremonies on both sides of the Atlantic. And that Birmingham, England will be the place to celebrate this every year.” TV presenter Ade Adepitan, who won a bronze medal in basketball at the 2004 Paralympics, and scooped the MViSAs Best TV Presenter award, said: “At one time, the only faces I saw like mine on TV featured in Crimewatch. My message to every young kid out there is: If I can make it, then so can you.’”

Director Dean Alexander said "As black people we already know what we do, but the world doesn’t see us as we really are – we have negative portrayals of our people. I spent last week trying engaging with TV stations about this event which has the biggest gathering of celebrities of any colour in this region, yet no-one seemed interested or could cover it. This is why we need events like this – to focus on all the positive things that we do and more importantly we need our own industry and stop waiting for hand outs. "