2016 Best Festival Feature

Everything But a Man

The film explores the paradox of strong, independent women whose strength is actually a weakness when it comes to their relationships with men. While I think there is some truth to the stereotype, I also think black women have been misunderstood and are in need of a great deal of compassion and healing.

The “angry black woman” is a hot topic. Growing up fatherless in a family run by strong, independent black women who had to be tough to survive, it’s a complex issue I understand all too well.

2016 Best Festival Short


Produced by Somebody Nobody, JUS SOLI opens up a discourse on the Black British experience; interrupting the emotional transition between generations and questioning what it means to be British.

An experimental film that charts the changing emotions of Britain's Black population, from a Caribbean on the SS Windrush: full of hope and love for the “motherland” to a disaffected British youth angry, alienated and marginalised in British society. Splicing together archive footage, filmed scenes, sounds and images to build an image of Britain struggling to relinquish its colonial powers.

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